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Welcome back! I hope you love the new design of my site because I certainly do. Please take a look around and tell me what you think. My web mistress is still working on some things behind-the-scenes but I’m thrilled to finally reveal the new look. I’ll be back to give you more updates on my upcoming and current releases, as well as fill you in on any exciting news. Stay tuned!


Brand new website — 3 Comments

  1. from what i read there are 5 books in the sheilder series is the sereis complte will there be more of them . i thourght sheilder was a one off book . it great i get to read more about the conflict between the sheilders and the controllers

    • Hi Alexi,

      There are 5 books in the Shielder series. Shielder is the title of the first book. I am considering writing a sixth book, which will be about Jenna and Arion’s daughter.

  2. Would seriously love to read about Jenna and Arion’s daughter! I loved all the books, but I think that one was my favorite!

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